Study on the Priest Shortage Crisis: Finding Men to Answer Christ’s Call to the Priesthood


Every year more priests retire than are ordained and even more will retire in the coming years. This study seeks to understand the best culture, practices, and programs that produce young men who answer the Lord’s call to the ministerial priesthood. The research being conducted in this study will produce untold fruit in the Lord’s vineyard, finding solutions to one of the greatest problems facing the Church today.


Do you know a program, person, parish, or diocese that has proven fruitful in producing seminarians for the Church? Please go to our Contribute page and share it with us!


Welcoming New Parishioners and Integrating them into Community Life


As part of our human nature, we desire to find a loving community with which we can share the joys and challenges we face on our journey. A Catholic parish should be a place where the love of Christ is incarnated for its members, but that is not always the case. The purpose of this study is to find simple yet effective ways to genuinely welcome new parishioners and successfully integrate them into parish life. 


Do you know of a parish that effectively welcomes new parishioners and helps them find their place in the parish community? Please go to our Contribute page and share it with us!