Introducing The Vadis Project

It is no secret that Catholicism in America is going through challenging times. Along with the sex abuse scandal, the Church also faces a record low weekly mass attendance rate, the continued closing of parishes, and the ongoing priest shortage crisis. Despite these difficulties, however, millions of faithful Catholics are working diligently to revitalize the Church. Our mission is to support and equip them with the information, resources, and strategies they need to do so.

The Vadis Project is a newly launched nonprofit Catholic research and consulting organization whose focus is on researching and developing pastoral strategies for the Church in the United States that will allow her to more effectively nourish her members and spread the Gospel to others.

Our work has three primary points of focus: research, resources, and consulting.

Research. While many dioceses and parishes see declining numbers, this is by no means the case for all Catholic communities across the country. The Catholic Church continues to bear fruit as she always has, but some communities are growing while many others do not. Our research will focus on the people, places, and practices that are bearing the greatest fruit here and now in the Church. By focusing our analysis in this way, we can distill the best pastoral strategies and practices for building vibrant Catholic parishes and dioceses. The second aspect of our research includes the formulation of new strategies and practices based on the data we analyze. Every organization needs to innovate and adapt to new challenges, and the Catholic Church is no different. Our research will allow us to formulate innovative and orthodox approaches to reaching people for Christ.

Resources. We will provide resources detailing the fruit of our pioneering research to dioceses and parishes across the nation. They will receive thorough instructions on how to implement these pastoral strategies immediately in their local church or diocese.

Consulting. Lastly, we will work directly with diocesan and parish leaders to problem solve and address issues for their specific context.

Our first major research project focuses on the priest shortage. Why do some dioceses, such as Lincoln and Wichita, possess disproportionately high seminarian-to-Catholic ratios compared to most others? The purpose of the study is to understand the best practices, programs, and strategies for encouraging young men to answer God’s call to the priesthood and then share these insights with the rest of the Church. It is hard to underestimate the impact the results of this study could have on the future of the Church in America.

As I stated above, The Vadis Project is brand new, so we would appreciate your support as we begin doing the work to which the Lord has called us. To support us you can pray, contribute, and donate.

Pray. We ask that you implore the Lord to bless our work and protect us from the power of the Devil. For without the blessing of our heavenly Father our striving will be for naught.

Contribute. One essential part of our research process is you. Do you know a priest, bishop, or any other Catholic who is exceptionally gifted at producing priestly vocations? There are hidden gems all throughout the country, too many for us to find alone. Part of our research involves finding these individuals and interviewing them, enabling us to gather insights from all over the nation. Please, share your ideas with us on our website. We are excited to hear what you have to say!

Donate. As a nonprofit, donations are always appreciated, especially as we are just getting off the ground. Please know that your donations are going towards work that will help revitalize the Church in the U.S. and make her stronger for generations to come. It is our wish to offer the fruit of our labor as a gift to the Church. Our churches do not need more bills to pay. Your donations will allow us to work with dioceses and parishes at little to no cost to them.

The road ahead for the Catholic Church in America is uncertain. What is certain, however, is that faithful women and men will never stop striving to renew the Church until she is more vibrant than she has ever been. It is our sincere desire that The Vadis Project will play no small part in this.

St. Catherine of Siena's wisdom can surely be applied to the entire Church: "If you are what you should be, you will set the world on fire!" The Vadis Project is committed to providing effective strategies that will help the Catholic Church in the U.S. be what she ought to be: the light of Christ that shines out with rays of faith, hope, and love for all people. We hope you will walk on this journey with us.

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